The TV Show – Scorpion Special

In the lead up to the Upfronts where TV studios announce which shows they are keeping, and which shows are going to God, I’m going to discuss CBS’s Scorpion with world-famous tv show reviewer Sam from

We’ll discuss the final episode, the cliffhanger, love lives of the characters, and of course whether it will be renewed or cancelled.

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Episode 11. General Chatter about tv, movies, etc.

Long time tv and movie watching friend Annabella is my special studio guest this episode.

We are discussing Ready Player One book vs movie (No spoilers), Movie ettiquite, 3d glasses dilemma when you are bespectacled, Ernest Cline, Armada, The Black List…the list goes on and on.

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Episode 10 – Upfronts, TV Shows, Movies, etc

In today’s #brandnew episode I’m talking about the upfronts: shows that are being cancelled and renewed, a bunch of upcoming movies and Netflix shows. Jam packed episode! #flashtime @cw_theflash #pacificrimuprising @readyplayerone @wrinkleintime #peterrabbitmovie
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Episode 8 – Special guest and just chatter Part 2.

Part two of my chat with Sam from Today we are discussing The Orville, Wentworth, Orange is the New Black, Ready Player One and whatever else crops up.

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(My apologies folks, I’m having issues with my podcast uploads)

Episode 6 – Battle of the Generations – News TV and Upfronts

In this episode, I’m talking about the shows that have been on this year, and recently finished up, and then looking forward to next year.  The shows that are returning or starting in 2018.

I’m also talking about the ongoing war of the generations between the Gen X news comedy crew and the Gen Y news comedy crew.

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Episode 3 – How do you consume your TV.

In today’s episode, I’m discussing how people consume their TV, downloading, pay-tv, streaming services, etc.

I’ll also take a look at new shows that started this week: Star Trek Discovery, Young Sheldon, Me, Myself and I.

My special guest Sam from @tvrroundup will be in for a chat and do a review of Episode 1 of Scorpion Season 4.


Episode Two – “Reality TV” What is it? Is it really real?

In this episode I discuss Reality TV.  Is it real, is it fake?

I talk about the history of Reality TV and how it’s evolved to what it is today.  I also discuss the Bachelor finale, and do a nerd review on the new show The Orville.

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